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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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on the other side, detectives were here as well. nbc 10 cameras rolled at a as a team inspected the awnings. >> we did a block survey to look at the rest of them. >> reporter: this comes days after 3-year-old winter larkin was crushed to death saturday afternoon. a 2,000 pound security door fell on her as she stood in front of the store with her family. this man witnessed it. >> i will never forget it. i little baby laying down there. >> reporter: police are trying to determine what caused the door to fall. an expert i talked to didn't want to gone on come are a said it's unlikely the door would fall. they will look to see if this door was securely fastened to the building. the owner of fast door a company that installs security doors said building owners should get the doors inspected once a year by the installer. only 25% of his customers contact him for an inspection.
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75% wait until the door is broken. >> we have to look at it, do interviews. whatever we come across in terms of the investigation, we will turn that over to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: you are looking at a growing memorial for the 3-year-old out here just moments ago the bears were placed here. i want to tell you, police say it is still too early to tell if any criminal charges will be filed. i did contact the former philadelphia district attorney. she tells me in order for there to be criminal charges, they will have to determine that who placed this door in here had to have some awareness that it could fall. reporting live, harry hairston shs nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10, as we continue to learn more information on the investigation surrounding this tragedy. sky force 10 over an accident in northeast philadelphia that impacting the evening rush. an off-duty philadelphia police officer lost control of his motorcycle, crashed around 5:00.
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you can see there two other cars pulled off to the side of the road on road svelroosevelt boulevard. we are making calls to see how seriously the officer is hurt. first alert weather tracking a hot and humid start to the week. the temperatures will go up from here. a live look from the cape may camera where people are cooling off at the shore tonight. glenn is back now with your first alert weather forecast. we are in for uncomfortable conditions. >> especially on wednesday when i think the heat index, the feels like temperature will get up to about 100. right now, it's fairly comfortable by comparison, especially at the shore. sun there. sun in the poe tconos. sunshine in the philadelphia area. that's a great start but it's not going to stay like that. we have sunshine across much of
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the area right now. down to the south, we have our first tropical development of the year. it has not become officially named as a tropical depression yet. but it is likely. some of that moisture will be coming up this way and affecting us toward the end of the week. as you can see some of this moisture coming up here. it's going to take a while before that happens. for tonight, things are dry. it's going to get more humid as we go through the night. temperatures not dropping quickly. it's going to get hotter than this for the next couple of days. we will have the timing on that and the potentially severe thunderstorms, too, with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can track the rising temperatures with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. down load it for free on a budget deadline on the doorsteps of the state house in
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harrisburg tonight. majority republicans are trying to pass their $29.1 billion spending plan with less than six hours to go before the new fiscal year begins. both sides of the aisle are going over the final budget for the commonwealth tonight. matt is at the capitol. are lawmakers confident they will get a deal done by the deadline? >> reporter: both sides aren't worried that they will come to a deal. even after a budget is passed, there are still some issues that need to be dealt with. while lawmakers meet behind closed doors, protests can be heard up and down the halls. >> we have been here since thursday. we're going to be here through tomorrow. >> reporter: this retired philadelphia schoolteacher believes this generation of students is being left behind. lawmakers are voting encore
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get's proposed $29.1 billion budget. he is pushing for money to be saved through pension reform at one point requesting votes from democrats in exchange for support of a $2 cigarette tax that would fund philly schools. >> we cannot take this anymore. we demand full and fair funding for our children. >> reporter: this man says there are still several conversations under way between the house, senate and governor's office. >> there's a lot of these other issues that are out there looking for the right combination of votes to move forward. right now, we are focused on the budget. >> reporter: a state rep says that back and forth it continues. >> we have commune tags across the aisle trying to see if there's a way that we can come up with some much needed compromise. compromise doesn't start by drawing a line in the sand and telling me that if i don't, you won't invest in children if i don't support your proposal.
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>> reporter: i just checked. they will still debating on the senate floor. they are waiting for at least 26 yes votes before moving ahead with an official count and then sending it to the house. if there is no deal on the budget by midnight, i am told that the state will continue to run with its current budget and they can do so for about a week without seeing any major affect. that's the latest here live in harrisburg. i'm matt delucia. >> matt will have another report at 11:00. for updates log on to right now, a school reform commission is talking about budget proposals for the school year. parents, teachers and members of the community expected to attend and address the panel. an update on the outcome of tonight's meet meeting at 11:00 as well. the governor of new jersey
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expected to sign a state budget but not before making changes. last week after the legislature passed a $34 billion spending plan, he said he would veto higher taxes for the wealthy and corporations. new jersey must have a balanced budget ready when the new fiscal year starts tomorrow. coast guard has called off the search for the day for the 14-year-old philadelphia boy who was swept out to sea at the jersey shore. all day, new jersey state police and the coast guard used helicopters and boats trying to find the boy off the coast of ocean city. authorities say the teen and a group of friends were swimming off the ninth street beach around 7:00 last night whether they were swept away by a rip current. lifeguards were not on duty at the time. today, we saw city crews putting up more warning signs. >> when you have storms at sea, the ocean becomes rougher. the ocean becomes nastier. you just have to use common sense. when the lifeguards go off duty,
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it's time to go home. >> local firefighters plan to check the shoreline tomorrow morning for any sign of the boy. we will show you an animation how dangerous a rip current can be. they are typically one to two feet per section in speed. speeds as high as eight feet per second have been measures. if you get caught in one, don't fight. swim out of the current in a direction following the shoreline. once you are out the current, swim at an angle away from it towards the shoreline. back to sky force 10 live over philadelphia where we understand police are looking for a person who may have fallen into a creek here. there you see officers and others on the shoreline. they have a boat at the ready. we don't have any other information on who may have fallen into the creek. sky force 10 over the scene here as they keep an eye out for a person who may have fallen into the creek there.
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other news, the white house, united nations and vatican condemning the murders of three israeli teens. one has ties to our areas. they found the bodies today in a field where they were taken. militants abducted them on their way home from school earlier this month. the two suspects are still on the run. the up with boy had family in new jersey. the latest on the teens who were killed tonight at 6:30 right after this newscast. to news out of our south jersey bureau. waiting to see if a woman suspected of an attack caught on camera here will turn herself in. police say harris is the woman you see in this video beatin a mother in front of her son in salem last week. there was word she would surrender today. but that hasn't happened yet. we are told police have been in
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touch with her attorney. we have a crew at the police department. we will let you know if she shows up. a boil alert in effect through tomorrow for two bucks county communities this weekend's water main break is repaired now. crews are still testing to ensure the water is safe. water samples are being watched. if they come back okay, the alert could be canceled tomorrow. a water problem that impacted montgomery county last month. he july 8th, they will hear testimony from pennsylvania american water and local officials. the boil alert affects six townships, more than 18,000 customers for four days. new information on a water main break that caused people to lose gas service in southwest philadelphia. pgw has restored gas service to about 950 properties near 56th and woodland that were affected by that. it needs to inspect and restore
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service to about 50 more. they are hoping to finish by july 4th. new information on a mystery oil spill in south jersey that we told you about at 4:00. officials know the source of that leak. the washington township fire chief says a resident was using a vacuum truck to clean algae from a pool and he dumped the pool water into the sewer system. a thousand gallons of oil went with it. that flowed into spring lake. no drinking water was affected. the lines for fans getting into a phillies game are about to get longer. the stadium security changes and what you need to know before summer trips to citizens bank park. got a tropical twist in the forecast. that could impact our area bit end of the week. i'm keeping you prepared ahead of the storm threat late they are week. what to expect for your 4th of july. the major redevelopment
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project for a philadelphia neighborhood and who is helping make it possible. that's next.
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right now at 6:00, security
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changes before phillies home games. a live look at citizens bank park. they will have walk-through metal detectors. by the state of next season, all major league baseball plans will need to have a program for screening every fan. keith jones is live to explain how this will work. this is a pilot program? >> it's being enforced by major league baseball. here is what you can expect. the phillies said the increased security measures are starting next season. all teams will be required to screen ever fan that enters the park. the procedures will begin july 21st. fans entering through the right field will walk through a metal detector. cell phones, cameras other large metal items will need to be removed. fans won't have to take off shoes or belts.
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anyone who can't pass through will be checked with a hand-held device. even though there is this added measure, you still have bag checks as do you when you get to the ballpark now. it's in addition to these metal detectors at each gate around citizens bank park. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. we want to go back to sky force 10 and video we took over this creek. we understand what you are looking at is video of a rescue from a creek. a person pulled from the water after apparently falling into this creek. we don't have any word on this person's condition. our asign thement desk will make calls to find out how that person is doing. difficult to tell from this situation. we don't want to get too close. a person has been pulled from the creek. being taken to a waiting ambulance there. a big boost for one of the neediest areas in the city. federal owe firls announced a $30 million grant to revitalize
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parts of north philadelphia. the acting secretary of the department of housing and urban development made the announcement today that the nor is homes public housing project. it will allow for the hiring of 1,000 workers and help revisalize an area overwhelmed by poverty and crime. >> rehabilitating housing, getting people more social service and education opportunities, jobs, which is what it's all about, will calm a lot of that down. >> there was a tour of the area earmarked for renewal. we finished another beautiful weekend. the sixth one in a row since memorial day weekend. another big one coming up in a few days. in between, the heat builds and the thunderstorms come in. the middle of the week has been stormy and we have another one that's going to happen. we're watching the tropics.
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that could affect us on the 4th of july. we will get into that forecast in a little bit more detail. we have had a beautiful day today. a little on the warm side, but then it's almost july. 86 degrees. humidity isn't that bad. it feels like the same. only 84 yesterday with -- saturday with low humidity. 87 yesterday. 92 tomorrow and 94 degrees on wednesday. with the higher humidity, it will feel more like 100. so that's really going to be getting uncomfortable. we are in low to mid 80s right now across much of the area. 81 in wilmington and it's a little bit kooter as you get closer to the shore. watch what happens here. never got out of the 70s at jersey shore. even though the ocean temperatures are up to 72, which is warm for this time of the year. and this is the time of the year
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that things develop off the florida near the bahamas. the low pressure center developing. it's likely to become a tropical depression and a tropical storm arthur. but that's not going to be our problem for a couple days at least. tomorrow afternoon, just a slight chance of a shower. but wednesday, things really start to pick up. look at the activity there. and then on thursday, too, because arthur is down here coming up. it's stops everything on top of the area. that's why thursday is going to be so wet. at the shore, water temperatures nice. tomorrow, not bad. probably dry at the shore. chance of showers wednesday and then thursday a t really starting going downhill. friday does not look good at the shore either. rough surf. in the poconos wednesday and into thursday looking pretty stormy. tonight, not stormy. 70 for a low in philadelphia.
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65 north and west. during the day tomorrow, hot, more humid, very small chance of an afternoon or night thunderstorm. much higher chances on wednesday. feels like near 100. heavy rain on thursday. and then more rain going into friday and, of course, that's the 4th of july and that is when we might see it clear out in time for fireworks, especially in pennsylvania. then we clear out everywhere else for saturday and sunday. i'm john moore. a key starter for the eagles is facing a suspension. we will have the details of that plus alook to the fliers and what can they do tomorrow?
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i'm john boruk. wayne johnson will be suspended the first four games of the 2014 season after testing positive for form answer enhancing drugs. the league has not announced the suspension. an eagles spokesman would not comment. johnson started 16 games at right tackle last season. it's a blow to the birds. >> losing starting right tackle wayne johnson for four games could prove to be detrimental to this team getting off to an early start. this offensive line was by far the best unit on the team. the cohesiveness of the unit was a big part of why this offense was ranked as high as it was
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last year. losing johnson for four games is not good. >> to the nba. the sixers begin the summer league on saturday. noel is expected to make his debut after missing all of last season with a torn acl. this year's top pick embiid may miss the entire season. he spoke with the media today. he is expecting to come to philly and can't wait to make the trip. >> i've never been to philly. i just feel like my agent told me that i'm going to like it. i feel like -- i want to get there and then just visit it. get to know people and have fun. >> nba free agency starts at midnight. tomorrow at noon is when nhl free agency frenzy begins.
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the president of the flyers thinks moves like this are just the beginning. >> a lot of things could happen between tonight and tomorrow at noon. in terms of trades and teams not qualifies their players, you take a look at your list and talk to your scouts and see if there are ways to improve. you try to capitalize on it. >> one final note. the phillies are off today. they crank up a ten-game road trip starting tomorrow. that is sports.
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the wawa welcome america festival to set over franklin square. a look where they will gather to watch "frozen" at 9:00. go to to check it all out. find a county by county listing of shows near you. the heat is going to be on this week? >> right. the heat is on during the week. watch out for rain friday.
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>> thanks for watching. the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. on our broadcast tonight, terrorist threat. the heavily armed isis mill assistants fighting in iraq may now be targeting u.s. interests. and tonight, more american troops are headed to baghdad. controversial rulings. what the supreme court decided about health insurance and contraception and paying union dues. social experiment -- has facebook been toying with your emotions. the story tonight about the company's apology. and fashion statement -- in her very first television interview, pippa middleton opens up about her life in the spotlight and her post wedding fame. nightly news begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian


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